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Shoes tecnologies

When making a product there is always a lot of research to try to achieve the best product possible.

In this section you will find some explainations on how this tecnologies actually work on our safety shoes.

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Shoes tecnologies


The new H2st0p technology ensures extreme resistance to water or similar to work in environments characterized by the constant presence of water .
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Shoes tecnologies


LifePlus is the technology developed by Base Protection to slow down the degradation of soles in work environments characterized by the presence of...
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Shoes tecnologies


The  Sticking technology guarantees excellent adherence to the ground even during bending, thanks to an extra grip obtained by means of transverse cuts,...
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Shoes tecnologies

All Terrain

The All Terrain sole has a tread pattern that ensures optimal grip on surfaces made treacherous by the presence of ice, mud, snow and on wet ground or ground...
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Shoes tecnologies


The new technology developed by the Innovation Department is a combination of materials from which a compound is obtained that generates a grip coefficient...
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Shoes tecnologies


There are particular conditions that put a strain on the tightness of safety shoes and the well-being of the foot, exposing them to stresses that could cause...
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