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Footwear made for the protection of the foot from shocks and external agents, of all sizes starting from the smallest to the largest sizes for every need.

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  • Scarpe Alte
    <p>High-neck safety shoes for greater ankle protection.</p> <p>Shoes with high grip, traction and stability soles.</p>
  • Scarpe Basse
    <p>Safety shoes suitable for different work environments.</p> <p>Shoes with high grip, traction and stability soles.</p>
  • Stivali
    <p>Safety boots suitable for different work activities.</p> <p>Available in different materials, colors and numbers.</p>
  • Sandali
    <p><strong>Safety sandals</strong>, suitable for working environments such as restaurants, hotels and hospitals.</p>
  • Accessori calzature
    <p>Accessories for footwear, laces, insoles and soles. The accessories are available in different colors, materials and sizes, suited to the customer's needs.</p>

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