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  • Accessories
    <p>Accessories are small details for your uniform, which make it important and help you personalize it.</p>
  • Calzature
    <p>Comfortable, elegant and safe footwear for work in the kitchen, in the hotel, in the health and beauty sector.</p>
  • Camicie
    <p>High quality shirts, we supply various models and colors, with or without collar, classic or with more imagination.</p>
  • Cappelli
    <p>Hair adjustable and suitable for any task, these are created with high quality materials, are breathable, comfortable and easy to wear all day.</p>
  • Giacche e Gilet
    <p>Work jackets made with high quality materials guarantee maximum comfort and an excellent fit to allow you to give only the best to work. These are the ideal solution for all those professions related to the hotel and hospitality sector.</p>
  • Grembiuli
    <p>The aprons are created with quality materials, characterized by high washability and easy ironing.</p>
  • Maglieria
    <p>A wide range of vests, sweaters, short and long sleeve polo shirts for professional operators in the hotel and restaurant sector. High quality products, available in various sizes and models, for both men and women. Resistant garments with a perfect fit.</p>
  • Pantaloni
    <p>High fit trousers. Comfortable and artfully finished, they are available in different sizes and colors, with a classic and elegant style. Models for men and women. Shorts models are also available.</p>
  • Gonne
    <p>Feminine skirts made with high quality materials, which guarantee a perfect fit and comfort. The skirts are available in various designs.</p>

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