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All uniforms and accessories for healthcare and wellness professionals


  • Accessories
    <p>High quality accessories to make your clothing unique and inimitable.</p>
  • Calzature
    <p>Non-slip and self-washable clogs, of excellent quality and comfort</p>
  • Cravatte
    <p>High quality gowns, we supply various models and colors, with or without collar, classic or with more imagination.</p> <p></p> <p>In addition to being elegant, the gowns are light, breathable and above all they are easy to iron.</p>
  • Casacche
    <p>Health jackets, made with resistant materials and with a refined and pleasant aesthetic.</p>
  • Grembiuli
    <p>Poncho-style apron models for women, available in different colors and patterns. Products made with precision and strong and durable materials.</p>
  • Maglieria
    <p>Unisex model cardigan, made with wool and acrylic, excellent workmanship and quality, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.</p>
  • Pantaloni
    <p>High quality, resistant and durable trousers, perfect for those looking for comfort and style.</p>
  • Coreane
    <p>High quality poncho for women, available in many colors.</p>

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