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  • Casacche
    <p>The vests are suitable for all types of work: kitchen, hotel staff and beauty salons. We supply shirts with different models with patterns and colors for every need.</p>
  • Camici
    <p>The gowns made using only high quality materials and professional stylists to best combine elegance, functionality and comfort. Breathable and in cotton or cotton blend, the gowns are easily washable and ironable, available with or without apron, in various sizes, models and colors.</p>
  • Polo e magliette
    <p>Polo and T-shirts made with high quality materials, are available in different colors, models and sizes.</p>
  • Calzature
    <p>The shoes are made with high quality materials, they are available in different models, colors and sizes.</p>
  • Guanti ed accessori
    <p>Accessories are small details for your uniform, which make it important and help you personalize it. From the tie, for men and women, to the cockade, from the bow tie to the foulard to make your clothing the ultimate in elegance.</p>
  • Pantaloni
    <p>High fit trousers. Comfortable and artfully finished, they are available in different sizes and colors, with a classic and elegant style. Models for men and women. Shorts models are also available.</p>

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