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Ho.Re.Ca. they are garments made for professionals and collaborators in the catering sector.


  • Accessories
    <p>Accessories are small details for your uniform, which make it important and help you personalize it.</p>
  • Calzature
    <p>Comfortable, elegant and safe footwear for work in the kitchen, in the hotel, in the health and beauty sector.</p>
  • Camici
    <p>The gowns are available for every professional need in the healthcare, beauty and hotel sectors</p>
  • Camicie
    <p>High quality shirts, we supply various models and colors, with or without collar, classic or more fantasies</p>
  • Cappelli
    <p>Hair adjustable and suitable for any task, these are created with high quality materials, are breathable, comfortable and easy to wear all day.</p>
  • Casacche
    <p>The vests are suitable for all types of jobs</p>
  • Giacche
    <p>Work jackets made with high quality materials guarantee maximum comfort and an excellent fit to allow you to give only the best to work.</p>
  • Gilet
    <p>Korean uniforms and work vests are made of breathable fabric, such as cotton and polyester, to ensure maximum comfort, even during the hottest days.</p>
  • Grembiuli
    <p>The aprons are created with quality materials, characterized by high washability and easy ironing.</p>
  • Maglieria
    <p>A wide range of vests, sweaters, short and long sleeve polo shirts for professional operators in the hotel and restaurant sector.</p>
  • Pantaloni
    <p>High fit trousers. Comfortable and artfully finished, they are available in different sizes and colors, with a classic and elegant style</p> <p></p>
  • Gonne
    <p>Feminine skirts made with high quality materials, which guarantee a perfect fit and comfort. The skirts are available in various designs.</p>

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